Best Bean Bags Under 500 Rs in India

Every place needs a proper seating arrangement, but with comfortable seating, it needs to look good also. Bean Bags are very popular these days but some people think it is expensive. In this post, you will find the list of best bean bags under 500 2021. There are many kinds of seating equipment that you can place in your homes or offices such as chairs, small sofa sets, stools, but these are not very much comfortable to sit and work.

So we have brought to you the comfier seat which is a bean bag. There are many brands available in the market offering the best bean bags under 500 Rs in India 2021 making it very affordable.  The bean bags will help you ease your lower back pain, spine support, and relaxes the muscles.

What is a Bean Bag?

Bean bags are a modern way of doing the seating arrangement for your homes. These are so soft and comfy to give complete support to your back and give a whole new look to your homes as well as office spaces. These are designed in such a way, that they can be used in every type of environment either it is a home and informal place or it is a workplace or office environment.

Bean Bag chairs are also beneficial for health benefits as well. It will make you feel more relaxed and comfortable with your body. This will ease your lower back pain, muscle pain, joint pain as well as will improve your body posture.

In an office, employees also should be given the best comfortable surrounding to work, so that they can work peacefully and bring out new creative and innovative ideas. As we all know that uncomfort does not let us work with a free mind.

So if you have employees working for you fill up your office space with bean bags to provide a better comfortable workspace. There are many types of bean bags that you can consider placing in your home. But these need to be covered so that you give it a protective shield to make it long-lasting. There are many three types of bean bags under 500 Rs. in India.

Types of Bean Bags

  • Classic Bean Bag: The classic bean bag is the type of bean bag which was originally designedThese are made round and circular at the bottom. This is super comfortable and when the person sits on this bean bag, it gets collapsed. This classic bean bag changes its structure to help your sit comfortably on the bean bag.
  • Armchair Bean Bag: It is another type of bean bag which is designed as a substitute and more comfortable version of an armchair. Just like a chair, it has armrests on both sides. You can simply replace your old and uncomfortable chairs with this super comfy armchair bean bag. This bean bag also restructures as the classic bean bag.
  • Chair Bean Bag:  It is similar to the armchair bean bag. The only difference between the two is that this chair bean bag does not have armrests on both sides. It is designed in the same shape as chairs without armrests but gives you a more comfortable sitting experience than the regular chairs.

Benefits of a Bean Bag:

Bean Bags are known to have several benefits including flexibility with their shape to correct the body posture, reduces the tension, gives relief to your back. Let’s discuss the benefits of the Bean bags.

Corrects Body Posture:  

Bean Bags have flexible structures that can change their shape and adjust according to the sitting position of the person. It will reduce the pressure on your lower back and relieve your pain, correct your body posture, and give you more comfort. But when you sit on a normal chair, those are not at all comfortable.

Reduces Headaches: 

Bean Bags are very effective in reducing the headaches as it provides you with a comfortable seating experience reducing the stress from your neck and shoulders ultimately reducing the headaches and gives you more relaxation and relieve tension from your body.

Reduces Lower Back Pain:

In today’s world, people are very busy with their hectic schedules of work. You may experience back pain after sitting in front of your computers and desktops. You may want to have a little stretch after a hectic and tiring day at work. But if you have bean bag chairs at your homes, you don’t have to worry about your lower back pain.

 Top Bean Bags Brand in India

Solimo Bean Bags: 

The most popular brand of bean bags in India is Solimo. Solimo is the most popular bean bag manufacturers offering a wide variety of homes and offices with very high-quality materials. This brand provides many other products such as candles, clocks, towels, and bean bags offering the users at very reasonable and affordable price ranges. It provides the best bean bag under 500.

Couchette Bean Bags: 

Couchette is a popular brand which is known for providing bean bags in India. This brand offers you bean bags with beans or without beans. They also manufacture bean bags with footrest which is a very great quality of their products

Sattva Bean Bags: 

Another famous brand in the list of popular bean bag manufacturing brands is Sattva. It produces a range of different kinds of bean bags with an option of bean bags with or with beans in it. They offer bean bags of different shapes and sizes you will love the bean bags offered by them.

You must be thinking that the Bean bags are high priced or are not affordable. But here you are wrong, you can buy the best quality bean bag at a very affordable price range there some of the best bean bags under 500 in India available in the market. How can you decide which one will be the best option for you among all the products available in the market? We have brought to you the list of covers for best bean bags under 500 Rs.

How to refill a bean bag chair?

To refill a bean bag chair you must follow the given steps:

Step 1:

There is a requirement of two persons to fill the bean bag chair. One person simply holds the bean bag chair and the other pour the filling you have ordered online or purchased into the bean bag. Make sure to do the process in the room with no air.

Step 2:

After adding the appropriate amount of filling into the bean bag. Close the zipper of the bean bag chair. Sit on the chair and check if it still has space for some filling.

Step 3:

After sitting on the chair if you feel it is sinking then you should add more filling to the bean bag.

Where to buy bean bags in India?

There many sources where you can buy the best quality bean bag from. You can visit the nearest offline store to purchase the bean bag or you can order from an online store such as Amazon or Flipkart. You can easily buy a bean bag from an offline store nearby by checking the product thoroughly but you won’t be able to apply any deal or discount codes there.

It may be an expensive option than an online store. Online stores such as Amazon or Flipkart provide the best quality product directly from the verified manufacturers at a very affordable and reasonable price. You may find the best bean bags for under 500 Rs. on Amazon or Flipkart. To make your search easier we also have listed some options for you.

Following are the List of Best Bean Bags under 500 Rs. in India

Ink Craft Bean Bag Chair Cover without Beans.

Ink Craft Bean Bag Chair Cover Without Beans

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This bean bag chair is a bean bag cover without bean and is very comfortable and made with unique features such as high-quality fabric which water as well as stain-resistant. It can be covered under the category of one of the premium quality cover Bean bags under 500.

The company is providing this supreme quality bean bag cover at an affordable price range. The Ink Craft bean bag cover has received positive reviews from the customers.

It will be a good decoration and will be suitable for any type of area either living room, bedroom, or any workplace.

Main Features:

  • Water Resistant: This Bean Bag cover is waterproof and water-resistant. It does not get wet from the inside as it does soak water. Similarly, it is stain resistant also.
  • Decor: It proves to be a good decorative piece, it is suitable for every type of environment. Whether you want to place it in the living area, bedroom, or you want to keep this office area, you can, it won’t look bad.
  • Soft and comfy: This bean bag cover is made with premium quality leatherette and has a waterproof bottom made with oxford cloth. It also has a zipper and can be washed in the washing machine also. It is easily portable as it has a handle strap for easy holding around. 
  • Durable: It is made with premium quality material, and all its versions are double stitched for providing it extra strength which makes it highly durable and gives a long-lasting effect.
  • Affordable: The inkjet company provides bean bag cover at a very affordable price range. Every person can afford to have bean bags at their homes.

MADAAR HOMEZ Artificial Navy Bean Bag Cover 

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This Navy Blue Bean Bag cover is a supreme quality bean bag that is made with Artificial leather and comes without beans. It is made in the jumbo size to cover your XXXL size bean bag and also according to your requirement. It is made up of artificial leather but is of the best quality.

It will give double protection from spilling the beans as it has Velcro protection and zipper which are suitable for bean bags.

 Main Features:

  • Material: It is made with Artificial leather of premium quality to keep your bean bag safe. It is only a bean bag cover and provides double protection with Velcro and zipper to prevent the beans from getting spilled everywhere. 
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the product are decided accordingly to the bean bag size. This bean bag cover has a length of 86 cm, a width of 59 cm, and a height of 86 cm.
  • Durable: This bean bag cover is highly durable and gives a long-lasting performance as it has double protection Velcro and zipper
  • Soft and Comfy: It is very soft and comfortable making it the best bean bag under 500 Rs, for the better comfort of the person who is sitting on the bean bag.

Sattva Classic Bean Bag Cover 

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Sattva is a very known brand providing the best quality bean bags. It is a supreme quality bean bag cover made of premium Leatherette material that comes without beans. This product is only a bean bag cover and you can fill the beans in which makes it the best bean bags under 500.

It has no filling inside having a capacity of up to 100 kilograms. It is brown in color giving it a modern look.

 Main Features:

  • Material: The material used in making the bean bag cover is premium quality Leatherette which provides the protection required to your bean bag very efficiently. It is completely water-resistant and stain-resistant.
  • Dimensions: The dimensions of the bean bag cover is made suitable for any size. The length of the bean bag cover is 23 inches, width 23 inches and height is 39 inches.
  • Colour: The color of the bean bag cover is brown which gives it a very modern and stylish look. This color is suitable for every type of surrounding either formal or informal any bean bag under 500.
  • Durability: The bean bag is made with premium leatherette fabric which makes it durability very high. The capacity of the bean bag is 100 kilograms.
  • Affordable: It is a very affordable product and any person of any group of income can afford it which is a great quality of the product.

Maruti Fun Bags Super Leatherette Bean Bag and Puffy Cover

817YDckm6fL. SL1500

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This is one of the best bean bags under 500 Rs. in India This cover is of very premium quality and puffy cover providing a double protecting layer with Velcro and a zipper making it a highly durable product. It also has a handle strap at the back for easy movement. It is water-resistant making it super easy to clean with just a wet cloth. Keep away from sharp and pointed objects.

 Main Features:

  • Easy to Clean: The bean bag cover is water-resistant making it easy to clean. You just have to wipe it with a wet cloth to get the clean bean bag cover.
  • Material: It is made with premium quality leatherette fabric with superior seam and tears material. It has double stitching protection for giving it extra strength.
  • Durable: It is very durable and long-lasting as it has double layer protection of Velcro and zipper which prevents the spilling of beans. It has a handle strap making it easy to hold and carry around in the house.

Comfort Bean Bags Leather Without Bean Bag

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The manufacturer comfort provides one of the best bean bags under 500 in India. which is a very reasonable and affordable price. It is a bean bag cover made with premium quality leather.

It comes without beans that you can fill it inside the cover. It is red and black in color providing you the two-color combination look which is suitable for every type of environment either it is home or office.

Main Features:

Material: This bean bag is made with premium quality leather providing a soft and comfortable seating experience. You just need to fill the beans inside these best bean bags under 500 Rs in India.

Easy to Clean: It is very easy to clean all you need to do is wipe it with a damp cloth and you will have a clean and stainless bean bag.


It is very difficult to have comfortable seating in different environmental areas.  But bean bags are suitable for space. Bean bags have several benefits as it can be placed as a decorative seating item. It has many health benefits as well such as it gives comfortable seating which lowers the pressure on the lower back part of your body which will eventually reduce the stress and pressure being exerted on the spine and gives it correct posture.

It also helps in reducing headaches and joint or muscular pain and lets your work or sit comfortably without any worry. If you are planning to buy a Bean bag, buy it from the above-given list of Best bean bags under 500 in India. We have research and shortlisted the best quality product to satisfy your requirements.

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