Best Boult Bluetooth Earphones 2021 – Under 1500 Rs in India

Top Boult Bluetooth Earphones 2021 Under 1500 You Will Never Miss to Buy

Some people love to listen to music, whether they are doing some work or relaxing. Music is such a wonderful creation which soothes your mood and makes you feel cheerful. 

Are you fond of listening to music?

Are you a music admirer?

If yes, get ready because today we are here with a spectacular and mind-blowing range of Boult Bluetooth earphones. In this article, you will get access to a uniquely designed list comprising the Boult Bluetooth earphones 2021. Wireless technology and devices are what driving people crazy these days.

Having a set of earphones that will offer an immersive music experience has become a trend. You might have seen people lost in their world while listening to their favorite music on Bluetooth earphones. Boult Bluetooth earphones 2021  are one of the best sound quality earphones.

Today, I am going to offer you an exclusive list of Boult Bluetooth earphones in India. In other words, these are the best Boult Bluetooth earphones 2021. Boult wireless earphones are one which you will not feel like to replace ever. Along with the top-quality sound, you get various other features like a battery back-up, water resistance, etc.

Before diving into deep,

Let’s take a glance at the aspects to consider while buying a wireless earphone.

Points to consider while buying a wireless earphone

Battery Back-up: It is the most crucial feature when it comes to a wireless earphone. There are two ways to consider a battery back-up. Firstly, playback time, in which you can use the headphone either for calling or for listening to music or entertainment. Another one is standby time or the time for which a headphone can remain working in a single charge. 

Different types of earphones offer different playback and standby time. Meanwhile, it is good to have a 12-hour long back-up time. On the other side, standby time can vary from one or two days.

1. Sound Quality: Music is one that soothes your mood. You feel light and relaxed, and a good quality sound is what matters here. Deep bass, punchy bass, crystal clear highs are some of the aspects you can consider.

2. Design: An ergonomically designed headphone is the one that offers you comfort and luxury. These days, some earphones come with ear fins, or neckbands, or punching earbuds. So these might be the things you can consider when it comes to design.

3. In-line Controls: Earphones with mic and without mic are one of the major things which affect the product. It is good to have a built-in microphone so that you can use the headphone for entertainment and for calling purposes. All in all, headphones with built-in controls are handy and convenient to use.

4. Water Resistance: Water- or sweat-proof headphones is all you want when you want to use it at the gym. Well, you can use these sweat-resistant headphones while doing other physical activities like running, climbing, doing an intense workout, jogging, etc.

Considering the points mentioned above and other essential aspects 

The list of  Best Boult Bluetooth Earphones in 2021 Under 1500

Boult IPX5 Audio ProBass Space Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earphones

Boult IPX5 Audio ProBass Space Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earphones


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1.1. Key Features:

Bluetooth earphones with mic, sweatproof, ideal for running and gym, Qualcomm CSR 8635 chipset, CVC Audio tech, five-band equalizer.

1.2. Available in Colors: Grey, Black, Red.

1.3. Product Description:

Boult IPX5 is one of the best earphones among the series of Boult Bluetooth earphones 2021. In-line controls of earphones ease user operations like call management and playing music. Well, you can use voice commands too. Its ergonomically designed drivers offer 3D high definition sound quality.

Along with the best quality sound, you will also get a punchy bass experience. The Boult wireless earphone comprises Bluetooth 5.0, which is the latest wireless technology. The tangle-free earphones are famous for fast and steady transmission.

Boult IPX5 comes with specially designed ear fins, which helps buds best fit in the ears. Having a sporty fit, the earphones are best to use while jogging, trekking, cycling, etc. Boult wireless earphones come with an in-built set of magnets which allows you to wear earphones around the neck when not in use.

The magnets also prevent falling off of the earphones. It comes with an in-line mic that offers an HD calling experience and smart voice assistant like Siri. All in all, Boult, the best sound quality earphones, can be your perfect gym partner.

1.4. Pros:

  • Includes in-line controls
  • Compatible with all devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs.
  • Power Bluetooth with a range of up to 10m.
  • IPX5 sweat and waterproof
  • Good bass quality

1.5. Cons:

  • Some battery-related issues may arise in the future.
  • Sometimes, it takes 4-5 hours to charge fully.

Boult IPX7 Audio Muse Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earphones with Deep Bass

Boult IPX7 Audio Muse Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earphones with Deep Bass

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2.1. Key Features:

Waterproof, long battery life, ergonomically designed, in-line controls

2.2. Available in Colors: Black, Grey, and Red

2.3.Product Description:

Boult IPX7 Bluetooth Earphone comes with the best quality features like in-line controls, ergonomically designed drivers, in-line magnets and mic, etc. Starting from the ear fins, those are specially engineered to offer a hold to the buds. In-line control panels make it easy to manage calls and play music. You can also enjoy the voice command feature with the built-in mic of Boult wireless earphones.

The IPX7 Audio Muse is one of the best Boult Bluetooth earphones 2021. It also offers a fantastic playback time of up to 4 hours in a single charge. Notably, it takes only 90 minus or 1.5 hours for a full charge.

2.4. Pros:

  • Flexible and user-friendly soft earloops.
  • Comes with passive noise cancellation
  • Water and sweat proof
  • Ideal to use while doing physical activities like running, climbing.
  • In-line mic and controls
  • Compatible with almost all devices
  • Good quality, punchy bass

2.5. Cons:

  • The earphones are water-resistant at certain levels only. You cannot use it in water continuously, like while taking a bath or swimming.
  • Some users have reported connectivity issues.

Boult Audio X1-WL IPX5 In-ear Bluetooth Earphones with Mic

 Boult Audio ProBass X1-WL in-Ear Wireless Earphones

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3.1. Key Features:

ProBass, Sweatproof, Latest 5.0 Bluetooth, comes with in-line mic

3.2. Available in Colours: Black, Blue, Grey, and Red

3.3. Product Description: Boult Audio X1-WL Bluetooth earphone is a headphone full of energy. In other words, it offers a massive playback time of up to 12 hours in one charge. The wireless earphone comprises oval-shaped earbuds with angled nozzles that pour sound directly into the ears.

Along with a comfortable fit, X1-WL comes with in-built micro-woofers. As a result, the user experiences a deep bass and top quality sound in any environment.

Being IPX5 water-resistant, you can use the earphones 1 meter deep for around 30 minutes. The charging case and earbuds have an internal nano-coating. You can even wash the earbuds and base. Highly engineered top-quality mic for both earbuds make the best calling experience.

3.4. Pros:

  • In-line controls: You can answer/reject calls, play/pause/stop music in one touch.
  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • 12 –hours long battery back-up
  • Perfect choice for gym and intense workout sessions
  • HD quality sound

3.5. Cons:

  • Earbud design is not much ergonomic. Some people might find it painful to wear earbuds.

Boult Audio ProBass Curve Bluetooth Earphones with Mic

61HNV4mnFML. SL1500

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4.1. Key Features:

Neckband earphones, 12-hour battery back-up, IPX5 sweatproof, Bluetooth 5.0

4.2. Available in Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, and Grey.

4.3. Product Description: Boult Audio ProBass Curve Wireless Neckband is the best sound quality earphones. Its long battery life feature plays a major role in playback time. You can use the Boult Bluetooth neckband for up to 12-15 hours once fully charged. Apart from this, it has a standby time of around 1-2 days.

The specially engineered lightweight and durable neckband fit comfortably around the neck. This Boult wireless earphone comes with in-line controls and micro-woofer drivers. Firm top-grade AL alloy encased above micro-woofers offer punchy bass experience along with steady midst and explicit highs.

IPX5 water resistance is a plus when it comes to using the Boult wireless earphone at the gym. Improved top-quality mic and Bluetooth 5.0 deliver a better call and music performance.

4.4. Pros:

  • One year warranty of the product from the manufacturer.
  • Lightweight
  • Includes multifunction remote panel
  • 12-hours long battery back-up

4.5. Cons:

  • There are some issues with the stability of the Bluetooth connection.
  • Sometimes, interruption in the audio takes place.

Boult Audio ProBass CurvePro In-Ear Wireless IPX5 Sweatproof Earphones

Boult Audio ProBass CurvePro Neckband in-Ear Wireless Earphones

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5.1. Key Features: 12-hour playback, vibrates on call, fast charging, in-line microphone, ergonomically designed neckband.

5.2. Available in Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, and Grey.

5.3. Product Description: CurvePro is an excellent product from the fleet of Boult Bluetooth earphones in India. The best sound quality earphones offer a standby time of up to one or two days. One of the most notable features is, it vibrates when you get a message or a call. So, there’s no chance that you will miss any of the notifications. Being your buddy all day, it offers a matchless gaming experience. You can easily switch between music and calls.

The use of Kevlar cable makes it a flexible and adjustable neckband. Unlike other Boult earphones, CurvePro also comprises magnetic drivers in earbuds.

5.4. Pros:

  • Cool and elegant neckband design
  • Lightweight
  • Includes two additional pairs of ear tips
  • Available in five attractive colors, pick any of them.
  • In-built multifunctional button
  • Good battery backup
  • Amazing sound quality

5.5. Cons:

  • Issues with the stability of Bluetooth connection and such a problem can be troublesome.
  • Bluetooth issues, including interrupted or low-quality sound, may arise after a certain distance between the source device and neckband.
  • Some problems with the sound and the side from which it comes from (left or right).

Boult Audio ProBass Buster Bluetooth Neckband with Deep Bass

Boult Audio ProBass Buster Wireless Neckband Earphones

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6.1. Key Features:

IPX5 sweatproof, fast charging, in-line mic, deep bass, and snug fit.

6.2. Available in Colors: Black

6.3. Product Description: Boult Buster Wireless earphone is a lightweight, flexible neckband with a premium finish. Its specially designed ear fins offer superb comfort to the user. Buster provides the best quality audio with a playback time of up to 8-10 hours and 1-2 days of standby time. The voice assistance-enabled earphones also offer deep and extra bass.

6.4. Pros:

  • Flexible and sturdy
  • Easy to manage in-line controls
  • Built-in mic
  • 3D Acoustics
  • Contains micro woofer
  • IPX5 sweat- and water-resistant
  • Experience crisp, good quality, and balanced sound.

6.5. Cons:

The wire of the earphones is too long, so it might be uneasy about using it in the beginning.


Being a tech-savvy guy, I always seek for newly launched gadgets. I am fond of trying such products and reviewing them. This curiosity about trying new devices ends with an exclusive set of products that I usually recommend to you. This time also, I have personally used these earphones and sought for each upside and downside of the product.

This article mainly focuses on Boult Bluetooth earphones. Here, you get a list of the best Boult Bluetooth earphones in India. I hope the material will help you to select the best sound quality earphones.

Hurry! Don’t miss the chance….!

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