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Looking for Best Branded Power Bank in India 2021. Currently, a wide range of power bank brands or portable chargers is available in the markets. It is a challenging task to select or buy the Best branded power bank in India.

Today, we are here to offer a list of some top brands of power banks which will make you informed and assist in making a choice. There is a power bank that will match various needs and budgets. So, read ahead to grab one of the best power banks in India.

Are you searching for the Best Branded Power Bank in India at a Pocket-Friendly Price?


We are here to assist you to top up your device’s battery when you are traveling or working.

What is a power bank?

The power bank is a compact and small accessory. As the name describes, it has enough power to charge various devices like smartphones, headphones, etc. In other words, power banks are portable chargers.

Why do you need a power bank?

In this modern age of smartphones, power banks have made their way out. With increasing demand, the power bank has remained a handiest and convenient smartphone accessory.

These days most of the smartphones come with a fast-charging potential and a good battery backup. Having a power bank would be very beneficial in case you are on a trip or going to spend most of the time out. Being practical, you cannot carry chargers and seek for a socket to plug it in, wherever you go.

That’s where a power bank arrives in the picture. It is easy to carry the pocket-size device, which offers a quick charging ability. Also, it is the handiest smartphone accessory. A standard power bank uses regular USB chargers for the charging process. After fully charging, you can use the power bank topping up the battery of other devices. 

Types of Power Bank

Mainly power banks are of three types :

  • Standard or universal power bank – These are the regular power banks that are available for purchase online and at counters. They use USB chargers for charging.
  • Solar power bank – As the name suggests, this type of power bank has the potential to charge up via sunlight. The solar power bank contains photovoltaic panels for topping up batteries inside it. But the solar cells are comparatively small in size so that it can be charged only on a bright sunny day.
  • Wireless power bank – These power banks can be charged from a standard USB source. The Qi-standard-enabled device can charge devices that are compatible with wireless charging. One can place the device on the bank to charge it and remove, once the battery is full. 

But selecting the right power bank is a much difficult task. To help you out, this time, we have come up with a list of best-branded power banks in India. We will discuss the best power bank, along with the best power bank brand in India. Before that, let’s have a look at how to choose the best power bank for you?

How to select the best power bank?

There are some aspects you need to consider while selecting a power bank. Following are some of the preliminary considerations to choose the best power bank:

Battery Capacity – Before this, power banks had capacities of probably 1000 mA hours. On the other hand, some of the latest power banks can provide massive capacities up to 25000 mA hours.

Current Capabilities – the current delivering potential of the best power bank can be as high as 2.5A. This feature also assists in offering fast-charging facilities for many electronic gadgets.

Battery technology – Power banks contain lithium batteries, which are based on lithium technology. There are two most commonly used battery technologies for power banks – Lithium-Polymer and Lithium-Ion.    1.Lithium-Ion:

         Pros – Store additional electrical charge, Less expensive to manufacture.

         Cons – Problem of aging

2. Lithium-Polymer – This technology does not have aging issues, but it is expensive to manufacture.

  • Compatibility: You will have to check whether the selected power bank is compatible with the devices which you would charge.
  • Charging points – If you are considering charging multiple devices at a time, it is essential to check how many charging points the power bank has.

Note: if your smartphone has a USB Type-C port, you should opt for a USB Type-C power bank.

  • Material – Almost all power banks are made up of plastic material, which makes them lightweight. But what affects the weight is the capacity of the power bank. The ones with higher capacity have more weight and thus uneasy to carry. On the other side, a power bank with lesser capacity is lighter and handy.

Another aspect you should consider is to analyze the amount of power your device may require. It is because charging a smartphone or a camera or any other device requires a different amount of energy.

What are the advantages of using a power bank?

The following are some of the benefits of using power banks:

  • Easy to charge via USB port
  • It is beneficial in the case of power failure, or there is no electricity in your area.
  • The battery of a smartphone will no longer be a concern if you have a power bank.
  • Need not to stand near the charging point when you have to use the phone while charging
  • Charge your devices even when you are traveling, no need to seek for a socket or charging point.

Best Brands for a power bank in the Indian market.

The List of Best Branded Power Bank in India 2021

1. Syska: Syska is one of the best-LED light manufacturers in India. It offers a wide range of products including home appliances, wires & cables, smartphone accessories, and much more. Its accessories section mainly includes a variety of power banks.

2. Ambrane: Ambrane is the first company in India to manufacture power banks. The company stepped-in the Indian market with a power bank, and now it has become a brand. Being a major supporter of “Make in India”, Ambrane’s product range includes personal care and grooming products, smart gadgets, audio, mobile accessories, and much more.

3. Intex: Being an Indian manufacturer, Intex has marked its footprint in various segments like electronic products, smartphones, and accessories.  The company has a large variety of power banks; IT-PB15k is one of its highly-powered products.

4. Lenovo: Lenovo is a multinational technology company famous for its laptops, phones, PCs, tablets, power banks, smart devices, and much more.

5. Philips: Philips has remained one of the top electronics companies across the globe. It has also launched some products in the health technology sector. Philips offers a broad spectrum of products ranging from mother and child care, light, automotive, to accessories and health.

6. Probeatz: Probeatz is one of the famous brands which specializes in providing eco-friendly and innovative power banks worldwide. The company offers highly valued solar power banks, which are genuinely energy-efficient.

7. Mi: Xiaomi or Mi is a Chinese electronic company that swiftly captured the Indian market. The company started with smartphones and continued to prosper with its top quality and reasonably priced power banks. One of its latest products is Mi Power Bank 2i, enabled with Quick Charge 3.0 feature.

8. Anker: A Chinese electronics company, Anker, is famous for manufacturing mobile and computer peripherals. The company also leads the global market for its charging technology. Anker offers advanced and smart portable chargers to brisk charge tablets, phones, and laptops.

9. Pebble: Pebble is one of the leading power bank manufacturers in India. The production process includes high-quality raw material and art technology to offer super quality products.

10. CELLPHONES: CELLPHONES is an electronic company that offers mobile accessories like power banks. It provides high capacity power banks with advanced “sync and charge” technology.

11. COOLNUT: An Indian electronic company, COOLNUT, is well-known for its variety of power bank products. The product range mainly includes laptop power banks, solar lights, and other types of power banks.

12. Lapguard: Being one of the prominent brands in India, Lapguard presents an excellent range of electronic products. The product range comprises laptop peripherals, mobile accessories, and power banks at economical prices. 

13. Realme: Realme is a China-based tech company that is rapidly shedding presence in the production of products other than smartphones. Realme has marked its prominence in the production of earphones, smartwatches, smart TVs, and power banks.

14. iBall: iBall, a leading accessory brand of India, is famous for wide-ranging products. The range starts from speakers, laptops, headphones, tablets to desktop accessories, and power banks. It offers a variety of products, including portable speakers, tower speakers, wired earphones, routers, barcode scanners, USB hubs, hand-held scanners, portable chargers, and much more.

Conclusion: In this way, we have listed some of the most trending and Best branded power bank in 2021 India. The article will assist you in selecting and buying the best brand power bank.

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