Best Electric Kettle For Coffee and Tea – 2021 Under 1000 Rs India

Many of us start our day with a cup of coffee or tea. On the other hand, electric kettles have become an integral part of modern kitchens.

So are you seeking to buy the best electric kettle for coffee and tea in 2021?

We are here to help you out. Today we are here with seven best electric kettle for coffee and tea India 2021. These are one of the best electric kettle for coffee and tea, which will help you to start a day fresh. Before diving deep, let’s take a look at some circumstances.

The morning rush is a part of a daily routine when you are a working person. Let it be, a bachelor, or a working woman, or any other person, a cup of coffee or tea is a must to kick start a day.

You can make beverages on a stove, coffee maker or say microwave. But having an electric kettle is one of the best alternatives. It is a smart kitchen appliance when it comes to saving time, energy, and efforts.

Another advantage of having an electric kettle is in winters. This smart kitchen appliance can offer benefits to those who love sip warm/hot water in the cold season. At present, there are many options available across the market. Here the question arrives is how will you select the precise electric kettle.

How to buy Best Electric kettles for Coffee and Tea 2021?

Well, the following are some points to consider while buying the electric kettle that best suits your needs.

Material: The type of built material marks higher importance. The durability of the appliance also relies on the material. If a kettle is made up of stainless steel, it makes it durable and rust-free.

Portability: One can easily carry a kettle if it is lightweight. It is also an excellent option to take while traveling if you wish to have your cup of tea or coffee. Having a compact design is even a cool feature, as it will require less space to store.

Boiling procedure: All of the electric kettles offer faster boiling, and all it depends is on power consumption. The more power a kettle consumes, the less time it takes to boil. It is best to buy a kettle up to 1500 watts if your requirement is between 1 to 2 liters.

Power Base: The electric kettles having a 360-degree swivel base are the best alternative, as it rotates in the direction you prefer. Don’t forget to check the length of the power cable as you may require an extension board to get the kettle working.

After prolonged research and testing, we have come up with a list of the best electric kettle for coffee and tea.

 Are you excited to know more about an ideal kitchen appliance and the best partner in your busy mornings?

Following are the 7 Best Electric Kettle for Coffee and Tea in India 2021

Butterfly EKN Silver and Black Kettle:

71dt44kKhQL. SL1500

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1.1. Key Features:

Features stainless steel body , Attractive silver and black, Capacity up to 1.5 liters, Power Indicator, Locking Lid,Warm Mode, Detachable from the power base 

1.2. Product Description:

Butterfly EKN water kettle comes in top-quality stainless steel design. The silver with black color electric kettle has a 360-degree swirl base. You can even take off the kettle from the power base. The Dryboil protection functionality in the kettle makes sure that the beverage you are preparing does not get burnt.

Butterfly EKN offers a handy grip when it comes to pouring coffee or tea in a mug. It is one of the best electric kettle for coffee and tea, which features a top-quality thermostat control. After reaching the desired temperature, the kettle automatically enters into the warm mode, which helps to maintain the water temperature.

Along with that, Butterfly EKN is compact and lightweight. So, it fits easily in a small space, say, your travel bag. Butterfly EKN 1.5L electric kettle also features concealed elements, which makes its cleaning easy. The manufacturer offers a one year warranty on the product.

 1.3. Pros:

  • Automatic cut-off functionality cuts the supply whenever water reaches a particular temperature.
  • It comes with dry boil protection, which prevents damage to the appliance.
  • One meter long cable length eases to plug and use.
  • Ergonomically designed handle.        
  • Easy to carry, lightweight, and compact.
  • Quick heating process.
  • Lockable lid avoids unexpected spills.

1.4. Cons:

  • The kettle does not have an indicator to reveal the water level.

Prestige Steel Electric Kettle PKOSS:

                  71epRZM%2BB6L. SL1500

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2.1. Key Features:

Colour: Silver and Black, Capacity: 1.5 Litres, Attractive steel body, Auto cut-off functionality, 360-degree spinning power base, Concealed element, Ergonomic handle design, Extra-fast 1500W power water boiler

2.2. Production Description:

You can make hot boiling coffee or tea with Prestige electric kettle PKOSS. Being one of the best electric kettle for coffee and tea in India, it has a bunch of smart features. First of all, the specially designed ergonomic handle and spout design ease its use. The kettle has a detachable stainless steel filter, which will stain coffee or tea when you pour it in a mug. 

Even more, the elegant steel body and one-touch lid-locking make it fit to be a part of your modern kitchen. Prestige electric kettle has a power indicator which lights up and goes off when the power is on or off. After exceeding the desired temperature, the auto-cut-off features cut the power supply.

Thus, it is safe to use. The one-touch lid-locking system helps the user to lock the appliance easily and stop steam from coming out. So, it is an energy and time saving electric kettle. You can make tea, coffee, and even noodles with Prestige electric kettle PKOSS 1.5.

2.3. Pros:

  •  Auto-cut off makes it safe to use.
  • An extra-fast heating process makes it a time-saving appliance.
  • A 360-degree rotating power base enables the user to plug it in any direction they want.
  • Cord winder helps to lessen the length of cable as necessary.

2.4. Cons:

  • You may get stuck while cleaning, as the kettle has a fixed lid.           

 Inalsa Absa-1500W Electric Kettle:

3.1. Key Features:

1.5 Litres Capacity, Colour: Black/Silver 1500W fast boiling, Shape-Circular, One year product warranty from the manufacturer 

61tJrjzkkIL. SL1200

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3.2. Product Description:

Inalsa 1.5L Electric Kettle is one of the best electric kettles which offers fast boiling functionality. So you can prepare hot coffee, tea, and soups in a few minutes. The uniquely designed 1.5 liters electric kettle consists of a concealed heating element. It also has an auto shut-off feature, which prevents dry boiling and offers protection against overheating. 

The stainless steel body is a plus when it comes to the durability of the kettle. Inalsa Absa-1500W Electric Kettle is a cordless kettle that has a 360-deg rotating power base. You can also wrap the cable around the power base to get the desired length of the cord.

3.2. Pros:

  • Safe and secure to use.
  • The Stainless-steel body makes it durable. No issues of rust.
  • Handy and portable.
  • Compact, thus easy to store.
  • The big opening makes it easy to fill or pour.
  • In-built filter sieve.
  • Lightweight (around 0.68kg).

3.3. Cons:

  • Sometimes, water boiled in the kettle smells like plastic as the inner lining of the lid is made up of plastic.

Inalsa Cute 0.5L Electric Kettle with Cups:

4.1. Key Features: 

Capacity: up to 0.5 Litre, Colour: Silver, Includes two serving cups, Stainless steel body, Auto Cut-off, Boil-Dry Protection, Power Indicator, Detachable top lid, Power: 1000 watts, Voltage: 230-240 volts

51wH0c77VkL. SL1200

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4.2. Product Description: 

Inalsa Cute 0.5L Electric Kettle has a 1000-watt unit, which boils water in fractions of minutes. It is a cordless kettle that you can use to make tea, coffee, instant noodles, or soup. Cute also has a set of smart features like an auto cut-off mode, ergonomic handle, stainless steel body, and much more. 

The power indicator lights up when the kettle is turned on. Two serving mugs are free with the electric kettle so that you can enjoy coffee with your besties. The appliance comes with a two years warranty from the manufacturer.

4.3. Pros:

  • Easy to clean and use.
  • Effortless filling and pouring due to wide mouth.
  • Portable as it is lightweight, small, and compact.                       

4.4. Cons: The electric kettle has a short power cord of around 0.5 meters. So you may require an extension board to use this kettle.

Ibell Highly Polished Stainless Steel Electric Kettle:

5.1. Key Features:

Stainless steel, Capacity: 1.8 Litres, Power: 1500 watts, Unique steam reactor setting, SS Heating plate

61JYuk6FdzL. SL1500

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5.2. Product Description:

iBell Highly Polished Stainless Steel Electric Kettle is one of the best kitchen assistants. It has a huge capacity of up to 1.8 liters. You can make a piping hot cup of coffee or tea. It is a portable electric kettle having an auto-cut-off feature. The kettle has a specially designed SS (stainless steel) heating plate. It also offers triple safety protection to the user. A Seemingly designed water outlet eases the user to serve boiled water.

5.3. Pros:

  • It has a top-quality thermistor.
  • Handy, easy to operate.
  • 360-degree swivel power base.
  • Easy to grip handle which is heat resistant and shock-proof   .                  

5.4. Cons: Big in size, it may take more space in your bag, if you wish to carry it while traveling. However, it is good to use at home.

Kitchoff 1.7L Black Coated Electric Kettle (Automatic) For Home:

6.1. Key Features:

Capacity: 1.7 Litres, Coated body, Stainless steel, Cordless electric kettle, Glass lid, Available in colors (outer coating): White, Red, Black, and Silver.

61sUYZY1AWL. SL1200

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6.2. Product Description:

Kitchoff 1.7L Black Coated Electric Kettle is a stainless steel double body coated kettle. Having a fantastic capacity of up to 1.7 liters, it is a good alternative to use at home or office for making tea or coffee. It specially features automatic turn off technology, which makes the kettle safe to use. The one-touch lid and ergonomically designed handle make it easy to use. 

A concealed element helps the user in the cleaning process. One can even spin the hands easily through the wide mouth of the kettle while cleaning. Elegantly designed glass lid enables the user to see what’s getting prepared. Rotating swivel base of Kitchoff makes it easy for you to adjust as per your convenience without fearing about the power cable.

6.3. Pros:

  • Concealed element makes it durable and corrosion-free.
  • Easily adjustable as it has a 360-degree swivel base.
  • Wide mouth makes it easy to clean and use.
  • Sufficient cord length.
  • Cool-touch lid and handle.                      

6.4. Cons: 

  • The beautifully designed kettle inside and out has a glitch with the spout. Having slightly sharp edges at the spout area points towards a risk of getting a cut while cleaning.
  •  There remains a risk of electric shock.

Kitchoff WDF 1.5L Electric Multi-Purpose Kettle (Automatic):

7.1. Key Features:

Capacity: 1.5 Litres, Multipurpose kettle, Fast boiling process,Unique and smart design, Top-quality stainless steel body, Colour: silver and black

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7.2. Product Description:

Kitchoff WDF 1.5L Electric Multi-Purpose Kettle comes with a rapid boiling functionality. It is faster than any other means of boiling, say stovetop, or microwave. You can prepare instant soups, noodles, along with beverages like coffee and tea. One can also use it to boil eggs. Being one of the best electric kettles for coffee and tea, it has 100% BPA-free ABS material. 

Easy to pull ring enables the user to open the lid quickly. The kettle also features an auto shut-off functionality, which makes it safe to use. Powerbase, 360-degree swivel, makes it easy for the user to carry it and serve. The Kitchoff kettle comes with a see-through glass lid.

7.3. Pros:

  • BPA-free ABS material.
  • Glass lid includes an easy to pull ring.
  • Portable and durable.
  • Illuminated power indicator.

7.4. Cons: The kettle is quite bulky, 1 kg. As compared to other products, you may find it heavy to carry while traveling.

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While purchasing any product online,one always seeks for the perks they will get after buying the products.On the other side,having a glance at features,functionality,and reviews is also that important while making a buying decision.But only a few people look for it.Well,it can be a time-consuming process to go through all the reviews and make a decision.One can also get confused during this.

Thus,to help you out,we have come up with the list of the 7best electric kettle for coffee and tea in 2021.We hope our research work will assist you in selecting the best among the fleet.

Above all,making a hot beverage to sip is now gonna be a matter of a few minutes with an electric kettle for coffee and tea.

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