Best Laptop Table for Bed Under 2000 in India

A laptop table for bed under 2000 is the best choice when you are seeking a laptop desk. Laptops have become a must-have gadget these days, mainly when you have work from home. But is it that easy to work on a laptop for hours, that too when you are at home? 

From my side, the answer is NO. Here, I am talking about the comfort level when you have to work on a laptop lacking a table. A laptop desk plays a crucial role when it comes to working for hours long. Working on a laptop in bed is still a difficulty.

Above all, it is challenging to use a laptop in bed if you do not have a table or desk.

 Are you fed up of paining shoulders and stiff neck while working?

A solution to this problem is a foldable laptop table for the bed. These are the adjustable desks that you can use while working on a laptop in a bed. It will offer you comfortable working hours. Even more, you will get relief from neck and shoulder pain to some extent. 

A laptop table is much similar to a small desk. Some of the tables come with adjustable angle and height, and some are steady. Some of the laptop desks also have inbuilt fans or ventilation holes to avoid overheating. Currently, there is a wide variety of laptop desks available at different prices and with various functionalities. 

What if you get a laptop table for bed under 2000, which is portable, durable, lightweight, etc. Yes, from a wide array of laptop desks available across the market, we have selected some of the Best laptop table for bed under 2000 online India 2020.

So are you ready to know more about the best laptop table for bed under 2000?

The following are some laptop table for bed under 2000. We have handpicked those products exclusively for you:

List Of 7 Laptop Table For Bed Under 2000

1.Callas Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table

1.1. Key Features:

Cupholder, Storage drawer, Foldable and portable, Lightweight, Tablet holder, Available in Colours: Black, Brown, Grey

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1.2. Product Description:

Callas multi-purpose foldable laptop table is one of the best laptop table for bed under 2000. It comes with a drawer and a cup holder. Being a multi-purpose table, you can use it as a bed table or study table. Well, you can even use it as a breakfast table or a serving table for kids or patients.

Rounded edges of the table are an added advantage. On top of that, the table is made up of a high-quality wooden top. The powder-coated metal tubes form non-slip legs and offer excellent compression resistance. You can easily carry the foldable ergonomic, lightweight laptop table.

Being a sturdy and durable laptop table, it is a usable desk for people of all age groups. You can use it for reading books, working on a laptop, serving breakfast, and much more. It is a perfect table to enjoy snacks on a sofa or couch. All in all, it is a multi-purpose table.

 1.3. Upsides:

  • Easy to carry, foldable, and lightweight.
  • You can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while working.
  • Tablet holder makes the table usable when you are tired of holding a cellphone or iPad.

1.4. Drawbacks:

  • The curved legs of the table sometimes fail to offer proper support.
  • The table may get imbalanced and wobble if you place the laptop slightly at the back.

2. Bi3 Adjustable Multipurpose Laptop Table

2.1. Key Features:

Durable, Multipurpose, Portable, Light Weight, Adjustable height and angle, User friendly,A Make in India product, Available in Colours: Alder Brown, Black, Aqua Blue, and Red.

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2.2. Product Description: Bi3 adjustable laptop table is an all-in-one solution to your problems. Yes, it best fits the way you want to use it. You can use it for kids to study, or as a laptop table. It is also useful when it comes to serving food. Well, you can fold this table in two steps.

In a semi-folded state, you can use it for storage. Secondly, in a completely folded position, you can use the table for storage in a cabinet or under a sofa. Bi3 portable laptop table is one of the Best laptop table for bed under 2000. It is the right choice for kids or people with mobility problems. Above all, the laptop table will make it easy for you to work while sitting on a bed or couch or a chair.

You can adjust this laptop table in three different angles – angles up, angles down, and horizontal. Even more, you can adjust its height in six different stages, including complete and semi fold. Bi3 portable laptop table comprises of a plastic top and PVC-coated steel legs. The laptop table can bear up to 23 kg of weight.

2.3. Upsides:

  • The laptop table has a good weight carrying capacity as compared to other products.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Multipurpose – you can use it for playing games like chess or ludo, or for reading a book in bed.
  • Large tabletop size
  • Foldable, so it is easy to store
  • Best choice for work from home

2.4. Drawbacks:

  • The material of the table offers a wooden look, but it is made up of plastic.
  • It does not have a cup holder.
  • Lack of cooling factor

3.Callas Wooden Laptop Table for bed with foldable legs

3.1. Key Features:

Foldable legs, Portable, Ergonomic design, Includes handles, Space-saving, Light Weight

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3.2. Product Description:

Callas laptop table is a highly engineered ergonomic laptop table. It offers you great comfort while working on a bed or sofa. You can also use the multi-functional table as a bed tray or a laptop desk or a serving table. The bamboo structure of the table offers a simple and elegant look to it. The handles provide ease of mobility. Even more, the foldable legs of the table make it easy to store.

Spill-proof is another specialty of Callas wooden laptop table. It has surrounding tray edges and hollowed-out handles, which together form a frame-like structure. As a result, it offers protection against spills. If anything falls on the table, it will not fall on your laps, and you can clean it easily.  

3.3. Upsides:

  • Easy to store, as it has foldable legs.
  • Multipurpose Table – Use it for writing, serving breakfast, or for doing work.
  • You can also use it as a serving tray and later roll out legs while eating.
  • The wooden top offers a classy look.
  • Easy to wipe-out
  • Sturdy and durable laptop desk made up of wood.

 3.4. Drawbacks:

  • Tablet and cup holder slots are missing.
  • You cannot adjust the height or angle of the table.

4.Diswa Laptop Table with Fan

4.1. Key Features:

Cooling function, Adjustable 360-degree, Top-quality material, Ultralight

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4.2. Production Description: Diswa laptop desk is specially engineered for laptops. Well, you can use it for other tasks like reading books, or as a tablet holder. It is made up of top quality material which sturdy as well as lightweight. Holes at the tabletop offer ventilation and maintain airflow. Eventually, the Diswa laptop table avoids the heating of your device.

The table has three adjustable knobs that enable you to adjust the height and angle of the desk as required. Ergonomic design offers the best comfort while working, let it be on a chair, or a couch, or a bed. The laptop desk also includes a side tray for the mouse.

4.3. Upsides:

  • Cooling function
  • Highly flexible
  • Foldable legs of the desk make it easy to store
  • Ventilation holes are the best part.

4.4. Drawbacks:

  • You cannot place anything on the table with folded legs and put the entire thing on another table. It may slip off.
  • Legs are strong enough only to bear the weight of a laptop.

5.Sisliya Wooden Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table

5.1. Key Features:

Made up of wood, natural bamboo, Adjustable height, Foldable, Bed table with a small drawer, Ventilation holes, Available in Colours: Wooden, Natural color, Bamboo Colour

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5.2. Product Description: Sisliya wooden laptop table for bed is the best choice when you are seeking for more than a laptop stand. The desk has ventilation holes as a cooling factor, which helps to avoid overheating of your device. The inclining table top allows you to adjust it at the precise angle.

Notably, you can adjust the top in five different angles to get the best viewing experience. The legs are also adjustable ones, so no worries of height adjustment of the table.          

Sisliya wooden laptop table has some space secured for a cup also. Even more, it has a small drawer to store pens, notes, or phone. The stopper is for what you cannot miss this table.

The laptop desk has a stopper at the inclining top, which prevents slipping of the device from the table. 100% natural bamboo wood material offers a natural look to the table.

5.3. Upsides:

  • Adjustable height and angle
  • Easy to clean
  • Looks natural and premium
  • Contains stopper to stop the laptop from slipping down
  • Use it as a laptop desk, bed table, dining table, or for reading a book.


5.4. Drawbacks:

  • No knob present to open the side drawer.

6.Fabulo Adjustable Laptop Table with Drawer

6.1. Key Features:

Adjustable, With drawer, Foldable legs, Material: Wooden, Lightweight, Available in Colours: Walnut Finish, Black

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6.2. Product Description: Fabulo wooden laptop desk is lightweight and easy to store because of its foldable legs. Wooden material makes it sturdy, durable, and portable. One panel of the tabletop is adjustable, and another is a fixed one.

So, you can adjust the laptop as comfortable and enjoy drinks or snacks while working as has a steady panel. Apart from this, the adjustable panel will help you to lift the laptop as much you want.

The table has a drawer where you can store a small notepad, pens, pen drive, or other essential things. Now, you can work comfortably on your sofa or bed without having a painful neck and shoulders.

6.3. Upsides:

  • Portable
  • Easy to fold and compact
  • Elegant and ergonomic design
  • Sturdy

6.4. Drawbacks:

  • The table has hinges that may rust with time.
  • No knob is there to pull out the drawer.

 7.IBS Wooden Portable Multi-Function Laptop Desk

7.1. Key Features:

Adjustable table, Portable, Contains two separate slots to hold tablet and phone, Material: Pinewood, Colors Available: Brown, Light brown

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7.2. Production Description: IBS laptop table made up of pinewood includes an MDF colored board. The finely designed, sturdy table has a natural touch. It is suitable to use on the floor, in the bed, in the car, or anywhere you wish to use it. You can use it as a working desk, serving table, or a reading table. Its adjustable legs will allow you to set the table at a perfect height.

You can use the side drawer to store CD, pen drive, pencil, etc. Foldable legs make it easy to store in a wardrobe or under the sofa.

7.3. Upsides:

  • One table, many uses.
  • Durable
  • Compact
  • Colorful top

7.4. Drawbacks:

  • Hinges of the tilting board may get jammed in case of corrosion.



Before presenting all the options to you, our team has researched a variety of laptop desks. After that, we have attempted to highlight key features, details, upsides, and drawbacks of a laptop table for bed under 2000. All it depends on you which laptop desk you select to buy.

In case your device has a heating issue, you can go for a table having ventilation holes or cooling fan. Meanwhile, you can go for other multi-function laptop desks mentioned in the list above. 

Other than this, previously, we have crafted one more list of laptop table for bed under 500 & 1000. It is the right choice if you are seeking for laptop table for bed at an affordable option. Click here to have a glance at our previous article revealing laptop tables for bed under 500 & 1000.

A laptop table for bed under 2000 is also a pocket-friendly option. In the end, buying a laptop table for bed comes with plenty of benefits. It will enable you to work on a laptop with great comfort, let it be in a bed or on a couch.

Buy the best laptop table for bed under 2000 and say GOODBYE to back pain…!


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