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Buy Best Massage Chairs In India That Will Make You Stress-Free and Happy


Imagine yourself relaxing and enjoying a massage session on one of the best massage chairs in India 2021. Just imagine you’re sitting in a massage chair, which is soothing your back, shoulders, feet, and so on.

Surprised? Well, nothing is shocking. In this life full of rush and hurry, there is a need for some relaxation. Things like doing yoga, meditation, or getting a professional massage can make you feel better. Most of the time, people prefer going on holiday, or they go for a spa.

Just to relax. But nowadays, it is not that safe to step out of your home for a hangout or to get relaxed. So what if you get a massage at home?

This time I am talking about a massage chair. Having a massage chair at home is like a god’s gift. Whenever you feel stressed or have muscle stiffness or some pain in the body. There is only one task you need to do in these cases.

Just sit on the massage chair and let it do its work. You will feel much better and relaxed after having a massage with the best massage chairs 2020.

Life and time never stop for anyone. We keep on running throughout life, let it be school, college, office, etc. Well, the reasons are different every time, but we have to struggle and go for it. A time comes when everything looks minute. What we want is a little comfort. We wish to relax for some time.

Take the example of older people at our home. After contributing their entire life towards family and carrying responsibilities, they want to feel relaxed. Many times, elderlies undergo health problems.

In such cases also, massage chairs seem to be a great choice for the elderly in your family. Health issues and chronic pains are quite common in the elderly.  Body pain is another concern. You cannot stay with them all the time and help them with health issues.

Here comes the need to but the best massage chair. You get many health benefits like blood circulation, professional foot care, pain relief, and much more.

It is a good alternative for soothing not only for the elderly but also for all the adults in a family.

Before introducing you to the best massage chairs 2021, we would like to shed light on some basic concepts. Read ahead to know more about massage chairs, its benefits, types, how to select the best massage chairs to buy, etc.

Let’s start the journey towards relaxation and buying a massage chair with a simple question –

What is a Massage Chair?

A massage chair is specially engineered to offer massage to your body. There are two types of massage chairs – traditional and robotic.

2.1. Traditional Massage Chairs: This type of massage chairs are designed ergonomically. Traditional chairs focus on particular areas of the body like neck, head, shoulder, hands, etc. Using these chairs, massage therapists gain easy access to your body parts while massaging.

2.2. Robotic Massage Chairs: As the name suggests, a robotic massage chair is electronic gear. It comprises some electric motors and parts specially engineered to offer massage therapy. Most of these massage chairs enable the user to control the intensity and type of massage.

Notably, the invention of the very first robotic massage chair took place in Japan many decades ago. Now, most of the massage chairs are like recliners. There is a wide variety of massage chairs available across the market. They vary in brands, style, operation, and internal gears and motors. Well, it isn’t easy to select the best massage chairs from the widely available models.

In my opinion, a robotic massage chair is all you want to relax. It is because traditional massage chairs are useful when you have a massage therapist or a person aware of various massage techniques. Now let’s take a glance towards what are the benefits of having a massage chair.

Benefits of having a massage chair           

Massage chairs are specially designed considering the two most famous massage techniques, Swedish massage, and Shiatsu. Swedish massage features kneading motion and extensive gliding strokes.

Secondly, Shiatsu inclines to make use of techniques like rolling, pressing, patting, etc. There are many benefits of having a massage chair; some of them are as follows:

You can relax and soothe at your home. This cuts the need to go out for a massage.

  • Money-Saving: Having a machine at your home is a cost-saving alternative. Almost all your family members can enjoy the benefits of the chair and have a massage. This will also save the cost each individual will require in case you opt to go for a massage outside.
  • Blessing for an elderly: Massage chairs are like a gift for older people. Many of the time, they are suffering from body pains, back pain, etc. The massage chair will make them happy every day; every moment, they will bless you for the wonderful massaging experience.
  • Health-related benefits: Massage chairs not only help in relaxing and lessening pains and sickness. They also help in increasing blood circulation. Even more, having the best massage chairs can help you in getting better sleep, reducing stress and anxiety. Massage chairs often help in treating lower back pains. The chairs help in boosting the natural immunity of your body.
  • Make you feel light and better.

Above all, massage chairs are a one-stop solution for all of your health problems like stiffness in the neck, shoulder pain, etc. What can I say is it is good to have a massage chair at your place for every problem; it works fantastic. It soothes your mood. You can relax and stay fit with the best massage chairs.

Types of massage chair

One can classify massage chairs depending upon the following aspects:

4.1. Types of massage chairs depending on roller tracks

4.2. Types of massage chairs depending on massage styles

4.3. Types of massage chairs depending on roller heads

4.4. Types of massage chairs depending on the features

4.1. Types of massage chairs depending on roller tracks: Straight track, L-track, S-track.

Rollers offer incredible benefits when it comes to massage in muscular areas. Massage chairs having rollers can be classified into three types – straight track, L-track, S-track. The kind of track plays a significant role in massage therapy.

4.1.1. Straight track: It is a one-directional massage track from top to the down. As these roller tracks are straight, they lose reach and force in curved parts of the body like the lower back part or the neck area.

4.1.2. S-Track: As the name suggests, S-tracks arrive in the “S” shape. This shape helps rollers to maintain pressure and contact with the body, particularly in curved body areas. Those tracks are a common component of massage chairs available in the market.

4.1.3. L-Track: L-tracks cover a large area starting from the neck to the sitting area of the chair, including the tailbone. L-tracks are the most reachable and powerful rollers than the two mentioned above.

Types of massage chairs depending on massage styles: Airbags, rollers, and vibration.

Depending on the style of massage, massage chairs can be divided into three main types – airbags, rollers, and vibration. Most of the latest massage chairs come with one, two, or all of the three functionalities.

4.2.1. Airbags: Airbag massage is another common type of massage in which airbags blow up and deflate in order to press the body. Mainly, full-body massage chairs include airbags; this is to cure body parts like hands and shoulders.

4.2.2. Roller massage style: Rollers are a common component of almost all massage chairs. Rollers act as hands of the massage chair. They carry out various techniques like Shiatsu and kneading. The primary function of rollers is to massage the muscle tissues.

4.2.3. Vibration: Vibration massage therapy makes use of vibration plates having high-frequency. The vibration helps to promote blood circulation. 

 Types of massage chairs depending on roller heads: 2D, 3D, 4D

In a wide variety of massage chairs, some of the best massage chairs comprise of different types of rollers like – 2D, 3D, and 4D. Here the chair types depend on the number of dimensions a roller can move. Firstly, 2D rollers in a chair move in only two directions, i.e., vertical and horizontal.

On the other hand, 3D rollers have an additional feature to move in the third direction, depth. Here, depth is the capability of the rollers to stretch out from the track and infuse into the muscle tissues. £D rollers are best when you want a gentle and deep tissue massage.

4D rollers come with all the benefits of 3D, and rhythm is a plus. The fourth D is for rhythm or speed. With this functionality, rollers can accelerate or slow down the speed to offer a more natural feel.

Types of massage chairs depending on the features

We can also classify massage chairs depending on various features it includes. Some of the notable features are body scan technology, zero gravity, tractioning, or inversion therapy.

4.4.1. Body scan technology: This technology makes use of sensors in order to trace the back. Basically, it senses where the shoulders lie, which helps to maintain the speed of rollers at that particular spot. Apart from this, the technology identifies other aspects like shape, height, and pressure points. This feature assists rollers in adjusting automatically and providing a perfect massage. Body scan technology is essential to position the rollers properly.

4.4.2. Zero gravity: Zero gravity is what trending these days in the market. Due to increased demand, manufacturing companies have started adding the feature to the massage chairs. As the name suggests, zero gravity chairs are specially engineered to recline. This helps to shift most of the body weight, which is held by the chair back. Zero gravity helps in releasing vertical pressure and decompresses and soothes muscles and the spine. 

4.4.3. Tractioning therapy: Tractioning is also known as inversion therapy. This functionality is available on a few models only. Massage chairs having tractioning functions provide a slight inversion experience. This type of chair can recline 180-degrees back to pull or offer a stretch to the body gently.

How to choose a massage chair?

In the previous section, we have seen various types of massage chairs. I hope after reading it, you might have got an idea about multiple parts of a massage chair and their functioning. So are you seeking for the best massage chair to buy?

The following are some of the features which you can consider while buying a massage chair:

    • Massage Rollers: Massage rollers play a curial role in a massage chair. While buying a massage chair, don’t forget to check for the range of rollers it includes. Some of the chairs even offer custom-fit width and height of the rollers.
    • Massage Functions: Among the widely available best massage chairs in India, it is challenging to select one. The best massage chair commonly provides various functions. Rolling, kneading, tapping, shiatsu, vibration are some of the features you can consider. Apart from this, there exists pre-programmed functions, heat, inversion, zero gravity, etc.
    • Massage Positions: Along with various massage, the best massage chairs vary in the area of massage. Some of the chairs provide massage to arm, shoulders, and hands. On the other side, some chairs provide massage to foot and legs. Some of the best massage chairs 2020 also include a thumb-like massage head.
    • Recline Function: Most of the best massage chairs include various recline options. Zero gravity functionality is an example of a recline function. Zero gravity is replicated in the weightlessness which astronauts experience in space.
    • Massage Programs: Most of the massage chairs come with already programmed massage functions. They offer a programmed massage focused on particular areas of the body. One of the best examples of massage programs is body-mapping technology.
    • Massage Power: Strength or pressure is what matters in a massage. The power of a massage relied on the number of gears or motors the chair includes. The higher the number of motors great is the power of the chair.
    • Warranty: Buying a massage chair is a big deal, as well as a one-time investment. When you are seeking to buy a massage chair, make sure to see for the warranty period offered by the manufacturers. Note that manufacturers providing a long-term warranty should be on top of your list. 

Price of massage chair in India 2021

The price of the best massage chairs in India can vary depending on their functions. The cost of a massage chair can range from 77,000 INR to 3,85,000 INR. Price of a massage chair increases with the number of features and technology it includes. Well, there are some of the best massage chairs to buy, which we have bought for you.

A massage chair will offer you great comfort and soothe your body. The following are the top massage chairs  we have handpicked for you:

The Best 5 Massage Chairs in India 2021 you can buy online today

JSB MZ08 Smart Urban Full Body Massage Chair

 JSB MZ08 Smart Urban Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

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7.1. Key Features:

Zero gravity, full-body massage chair

7.2. Available in Colours: Purple-White, Red-White

7.3. Product Description:

JSB MZ08 is a zero-gravity compact Massage Chair. Being one of the best massage chairs in India, it offers you a full body massage. The inclusion of airbags and kneading rollers is a plus. 3D rollers, offering great relief, roll all over the body, starting from the neck to the buttocks. Simultaneously, airbags massage on other parts like feet, calves, thighs, shoulders, and arms.

You can also enjoy a gentle massage on the feet via an ankle and foot roller massage. In case you are having lower back pain, you can have a relaxing massage with some heat. It would help you with lower back pain. On the other side, stretch massage would be a healing one if you are having a stiffness of muscles.

JSB MZ08 Smart Urban full body massage chair comes with a smart and easy-to-operate interface. Its quick launch buttons make it more user-friendly. It is the best massage chair 2020, as it comes with automatic modes. Apart from this, you get a choice to select a massage session for various parts of the body individually. Above all, JSB zero gravity full body massage chair is foot expandable. It means you can adjust the chair as per the height of the user.

 Let it be an office or home; you can use it any of the places. 

     7.4. Upsides:

  • Ideal for both, i.e., home or office use.
  • Includes 3D rollers and airbags
  • Auto mode
  • Adjust it as per the height of the user.
  • One year warranty from the manufacturer.

Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

Robotouch Urban Full Body Massage Chair

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8.1. Key Features:

Offers float feeling, Airbag massage

8.2. Available in Colours: Black.

8.3. Product Description:

Robotouch Urban full body massage chair is one of the best massage chairs in India. It includes several vertically moving 4-wheel driven noiseless smart massage hands. It helps in setting time for a massage automatically through timer programming. Robotouch Urban comes with different massage modes like tapping, kneading, Shiatsu, flapping, knocking, and many more.

You can adjust the level of massage at three different intensities – slow, middle, and strong. S-shape massage structures present in the backrest make back massage custom-fit. Robotouch urban chair has a new space-saving design. Adjustable levels of air pressure is a plus.

8.4. Upsides:

  • Zero gravity
  • Unique L-shape design for soothing therapy.
  • You can adjust leg rest as per your height.
  • You can enjoy air pressure massage along with intensity adjustments for different parts of the body.
  • Ideal for people having chronic diseases.
  • One-touch recline.


SOBO 3D AI-Enabled Full Body Massage Chair with Bluetooth

SOBO 3D Latest AI Intelligence Voice Control SL-Track Thai Yoga Stretch Zero Gravity Full Body Shiatsu Heating with Foot Massage

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9.1. Key Features:

3D rollers, AI intelligence, voice control, foot massage chair, Shiatsu heating

9.2. Available in Colours: Maroon, Black, and Red.

9.3. Product Description:

SOBO 3D full body massage chairs is a specially designed chair that detects the shape of the body automatically. Its airbag massage will soothe your shoulders, waist, leg, arms, calf, heel, and foot. SOBO is the best massage chair to buy as it comes with six manual modes of massage. You can adjust the speed of the massage on three different levels. The chair contains three types of adjustable robot arms.

You can enjoy a spot massage with SOBO 3D AI-enabled full body massage chair. Waist heating and pause functions are also available. You can also connect Bluetooth audio to a mobile. The adjustable angle of the backrest makes it convenient to use.  SOBO 3D is made with top-quality PU leather and hydrolysis resistance up to 10 years.

     9.4. Upsides:

  • You will get six manual massage modes – Thai, gentle, sleep, neck, lower back, and power.
  • The chair includes the latest massage techniques.
  • Three robot arms with adjustment.
  • Adjustable manipulator mover up and down.
  • One year on-site warranty is available.
  • The chair has a heating back massage roller.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.

 JSB MZ19 Full Body Massage Chair

 JSB MZ19 Full Body Massage Chair for Home and Office

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10.1. Key Features:

Space-saving design, multiple massage techniques, one-button start, includes a remote control

10.2. Available in Colours: Beige, Black.

10.3. Product Description:

JSB MZ19 full-body massage chair has a luxurious 3D space-saving design. It requires only 6 cm space at the back to recline. You can adjust the width of the shoulder as per the user. Even more, you can adjust the airbags at the shoulder manually. The best massage chair offers multiple types of massage, including tapping, Shiatsu, air squeeze, etc. Broader coverage of rollers is another benefit.

You can control JSB MZ19 with a compact and easy-to-use remote. You can also adjust the intensity of rollers and customize the air pressure of airbags as essential. The chair has an option to target particular zones of the back along with any of the massaging modes. JSB MZ19 also features dual modes of memory. You can save the model of your choice to repeat it whenever you want.

10.4. Upsides:

  • Enjoy multiple functions – Air squeeze, thumping, tapping, and kneading.
  • Ideal for home and office
  • Adjustable shoulder width.
  • One button start
  • You can adjust it for a user of any height.
  • Remote controlled
  • Zero gravity massage de-stresses you and makes you feel light.
  • One year on-site doorstep warranty.

Bodyfriend 4D Full Body Massage Chair With Bluetooth

11.1. Key Features:

4D rollers, multiple airbags, Bluetooth enabled, zero gravity, luxurious

Bodyfriend 4D Massage Chair

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11.2. Available in Colours: Brown 

11.3. Product Description:

Bodyfriend 4D Bluetooth enabled massage is one of the best massage chairs to buy. It includes 4D rollers and body scan technology to best suit users of different heights. Firstly, the chair scans the body of the user. After that, it adjusts the 4D rollers in order to reach all regions of the body. Multiple Airbags offer air massage in all areas of the chair. The zero gravity heavy duty chair has a Real Super Long S track of around 1450 mm. 4D rollers move in all four directions to offer the best massaging experience.

11.4. Upsides:

  • 4D rollers
  • Back massage, foot massage, head massage.
  • You can adjust the speed at five different levels.
  • Multiple airbags
  • You can listen to music while having a massage therapy, as the chair supports Bluetooth connectivity.
  • One year on-site warranty.


In this pandemic situation, it has become challenging to go out of the house for a spa. Meanwhile, hiring a massager is even more dangerous. We are unaware of where the danger is, or we fear getting a COVID-19 infection in case of stepping out of the house. The situation is more threatening these days.

On the other side, imagine you have had a long busy day at the office. After returning home, your shoulders are aching, and you have a stiff back. In short, you need a massage. You have to sit back in a massage chair and set the mode of choice.

Considering all the issues mentioned above, it would be great and life-saving to have massage chairs in India. It will not only soothe your body, but it will also save you and your dear ones from the devastating situations outdoors.

Why waste money and put your life in danger by going out? After selecting one of the best massage chairs, you need not go out for a spa or massage. All you have to sit back on the massage chair and select a mode of massage using a remote. And you are ready to go on a relaxation journey.

Here, we have presented a list of the best massage chairs in India. After reading this article, we hope that you might have got an idea regarding the best massage chair to buy. Massage chairs are also the best gift for the elderly at your home.

Massage chairs also help you with paying for expensive therapies and treatments. After buying the best massage chairs in India, you can have various therapies comfortably at your home without paying a single rupee.

Now, no worries if you have a problem with the lower back. You will have a chair to take away all the pain and stiffness in the body.

If you have life, you have the world. Avoid going out unnecessarily amid COVID-19. Hurry & book a massage chair for you to relax and soothe your body. Have a stress-free life with the best massage chairs in India.

Once again, it is the right choice for old people but all the members of your family.

Hurry! Don’t miss the chance…!

Grab the Best Massage Chairs in India  2021 now!

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