Best Sewing Machine in India Under 3000 to 5000 Rs

Sewing machines play a crucial role in the textile industry. Meanwhile, it is a commonly available and used appliance in every household. In this article, we will discuss the best sewing machine in India for home use. The devices have transformed with technology evolution. These days, stitching is entirely different from what it used to be before. A variety of sewing machines are available across the market; selecting one is a tough assignment.

Why Sewing Machine?

Sewing machines have become a source of livelihood for many people across India. Apart from this, there are many benefits to have a sewing machine at home. Let it be stitching for self or other people or customers. Let it be on a small scale or a large scale.

A sewing machine is a must-have gadget in every home. Whether you want to stitch clothes, sew a patch to your clothes, a sewing machine is all that you need. You can ever do minor stitching of clothes or make embroidery work on fabrics.

DIY clothes is another benefit of having a sewing machine. Most of the time, people prefer to start by stitching simple patterns and then adding some small twists. Latest sewing machines offer a variety of features that can assist you in making a perfect outfit.

A sewing machine is a must, whether you’re a professional designer, beginner, tailor, or hobbyist. Having the best sewing machine in India will make a big impact.

Earlier, sewing machines have had a manual operating system. It was a time and effort consuming task to work on such devices. Now, the case is different, and the credit goes to the modern sewing machine brands. Some of the new sewing machines’ fantastic features are stitch length adjustments, in-built patterns, set of foot pressers, etc. Continue reading to know more about the best sewing machine in India for home use.

Following are some of the best sewing machine in India Below 3000 Rs  2021.

The list given below includes the best sewing machines in India we have selected exclusively for you. The choice entirely relies on the price, user reviews on Amazon, ratings, feedback, and other features. So you can always trust us while buying the best sewing machine in India.

Swizmo Portable Sewing Machine

 Swizmo™ Mini Portable Sewing Machine Handheld Electric Sewing Machines

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1.1. Key Features:

Portable, lightweight, electric, 2-speed

1.2. Purchase includes-

25 Pcs of sewing thread bobbins, power adapter, foot pedal, needles, and a needle threader.

1.3. Available in Colors: Purple

1.4. Product Description:

Being lightweight and portable makes Swizmo the best sewing machine. It is a handheld machine that takes very little space for storage. You can keep it anywhere. You can use the machine on the battery as well as on the power supply.

A single press of a button allows the user to connect the machine on a flat surface. Swizmo portable sewing machine adjusts the tightness of stitches as per the material. So you can use it for stitching any fabric. It is the best sewing machine under 3000 Rs in India, suitable for DIYs and quick repairs.

1.5. Pros:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Best for on-spot maintenance
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Works on AA batteries as well as power supply
  • Use it on multiple fabrics.

1.6. Cons:

  • Usage of the machine for beginners can be challenging.

Shopello 4 in 1 Mini Electric Machine

 SHOPELLO™ Multi Electric Mini 4 in 1 Desktop Functional Household Sewing Machine

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2.1. Key Features:

Multiple features, mini sewing machine.

2.2. Purchase includes-

Extension table, foot pedal, four metal bobbins, needle threader, and one needle. 

2.3. Available in Colors: Multi-color

2.4. Product Description:

Shopello is an electric mini sewing machine. It is the best sewing machine for home and has double threads. Two-speed control of the device makes it easy to use. The larger table extension offers a stable and smooth sewing experience.

Shopello 4 in 1 mini electric machine comes with an in-built lamp. You can use the straight-line stitch type for primary sewing. The device also features a spindle and winding pole that eases bobbin rewinding. Shopello sewing machine is a perfect gift if you wish to buy it for your mother/sister/wife. Ideal for sewing curtains, apron, shopping bags, etc. 

2.5. Pros:

  • Comes with an extension table
  • 2-speed control
  • Easy to use

2.6. Cons: 

  • You cannot stitch thick fabrics like velvet, denim on this machine. 

Kiwilon Mini Electric Sewing Machine for Home

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3.1. Key Features:

Cuff slot, portable, extension table, 2-speed operation.

3.2. Purchase includes-

Foot pedal, power adapter, extension table, sewing kit, four metal bobbins, one needle treader, measuring tape, and thread cutter. 

3.3. Available in Colors: White

3.4. Product Description:

Kiwilon Mini Sewing Machine comes with a large extension table, which offers a stable platform while stitching. On ordinary machines, it is a challenging task to sew sleeves. But this machine has a specially designed cuff slot which eases sewing of sleeves.

The electric appliance includes a foot pedal to concentrate on sewing by using both hands and controlling the speed by foot. Kiwilon sewing machine has a built-in spool and winding pole to rewind bobbin. It is one of the best sewing machine in India under 3000 Rs.

3.5. Pros:

  • Portable
  • The machine also works on battery
  • In-built winding pole and spool 
  • 2-speed operation
  • Perfect for home tailoring
  • Includes tailoring table

3.6. Cons: 

  • The entire body made of plastic makes it less durable.  
  • You cannot repair the machine at local shops. 

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Best Sewing Machine Under 5000 Rs  in India

Here in this section, we have mentioned the best sewing machine in India under 5000 Rs. The list below includes some of the best sewing machines you can buy in 2021. You will get hundreds of sewing machines on the internet in a single surf, but not all those machines are worth purchase. Well, you need not worry when we are here to help you.

The items mentioned below best meet our parameters for the best product. While selecting, we have noted the best features, price, quality, user reviews, etc. Let’s start with the best sewing machine in India under 5000 Rs.

Singer Tailor Sewing Machine Head

 Singer Tailor Deluxe Sewing Machine Head

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1.1. Key Features:

Deluxe tailor machine head.

1.2. Purchase includes:

Machine head

1.3. Available in Colors: Black

1.4. Product Description:

Singer Tailor, deluxe sewing machine head, is a handheld sewing machine. It has a lever-type adjustor, which offers stitch control in both forward and backward directions. The device has an automatically tripping spring-biased bobbin winder.

Singer Deluxe sewing machine has an in-built thread cutter and a needle bar plated with nickel. Singer Deluxe machine comes with a specially crafted strong needle. Thus you can use this machine to sew thick fabrics like denim. 

1.5. Pros:

  • Good built-up quality, durable
  • Manufacturer warranty of 2 years
  • In-built thread cutter
  • The strong needle allows stitching on thick fabrics.

1.6. Cons: 

  • The sewing machine head weighs more than 10kg, which is quite heavier than other machines.
  • The purchase includes only the head. Thus, you will have to buy the table separately. 

Kiwilon Sewing Machine with Kit and Accessories 

Kiwilon Sewing Machine for Home with Adapter, Foot Pedal

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2.1. Key Features:

Lightweight, compact, portable, 7 built-in stitches, dual speed.

2.2. Purchase includes-

Foot pedal, sewing kit accessories, adapter, measuring tape, threader, winding pin, thread spools.

2.3. Available in Colors: Multi-coloured

2.4. Product Description:

Kiwilon sewing machine for home is a lightweight dual-speed machine. It comes with easy bobbin winding along with a winding pin. This pin helps to wound bobbin in a few seconds. Kiwilon sewing machine has seven built-in stitches like zigzag, straight.

You can also adjust the length and stress of stitches. The in-built LED light offers well-lighted working space, which is helpful while working in less light or dark-colored fabrics. You can operate the machine on both adapter or four AA batteries. Kiwilon Sewing Machine comes with kit and accessories, so it is the best sewing machine for beginners. 

2.5. Pros:

  • Seven in-built stitches
  • Forward and reverse stitching
  • In-built LED light
  • Lightweight and portable

2.6. Cons: 

  • The purchase of the machine does not include a portable table. Thus you will have to buy the table separately. 

GTB Portable Mini Handheld Sewing Machine

GTB Portable Mini Household Handheld 12 Built-in Stitches Electric Sewing Machine

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3.1. Key Features:

Handheld, 12 in-built stitch types, electric.

3.2. Purchase includes:

Foot pedal, adapter, 2 thread spools, 2 bobbins, a needle.

3.3. Available in Colors: Multi-color

3.4. Product Description:

GTB Portable Mini Handheld Sewing machine is one of the best sewing machines under 5000 in India. It has twelve internal stitch patterns. You can also replace the press foot. The device also includes a hidden drawer to store minor accessories.

3.5. Pros:

Mini and portable

12 in-built stitches

Includes a drawer for storage

Easy reverse stitching

Replaceable press foot

3.6. Cons:

Some users have reported that the machine does not work correctly.

You cannot service the machine at local stores.

You can click here to buy a GTB Portable Mini Handheld Sewing machine

 Pargat Tailor Deluxe Sewing Machine

Pargat Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine

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4.1. Key Features:

Tailor deluxe machine, straight stitch, wooden box packing, hand-operated.

4.2. Purchase includes-

Measuring tape, organ needle, 2 screwdrivers, oil for lubrication, 3 bobbins, cloth for cleaning purpose, threader.

4.3. Available in Colors: Black

4.4. Product Description:

Pargat sewing machine is one of the best sewing machines in India. It is made from cast iron. Also, the device is as smooth to run as that of other sewing machines. You can use the Pargat sewing machine on any fabric like jeans, leather, silk, wool, etc.

The manufacturer offers a wooden cover, which you can also use as a base or table. Pargat sewing machine has a stitch regulator machine that enables the user to adjust the stitch length.

4.5. Pros:

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Comes with a wooden box packing
  • User-friendly
  • Smooth working
  • One year warranty from the manufacturer

4.6. Cons:

  • The machine’s weight is 20 Kg; thus, you cannot take it from one place to another every time.
  • Pargat sewing machine is a manual sewing machine, so that you may require more time for stitching.
  • The purchase does not include a handle. It would be best if you buy it by paying an extra cost.

 Kiwilon Portable Sewing Machine With Sewing Kit

Kiwilon Portable Sewing Machine for Home Tailoring with 5 Built-in Stitch Patterns

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5.1. Key Features:

5 built-in stitch patterns, in-built light, double stitch, dual power supply mode.

5.2. Purchase includes-

Sewing kit, thread spools, thread cutter, power adapter, foot pedal, winding bar, one threader, a set of needles of different sizes.

5.3. Available in Colors: White

5.4. Product Description:

Kiwilon portable sewing machine offers five in-built stitch patterns. The device is ideal for sewing zips and doing alterations. It includes dual sewing functionality to form firm stitches. You can run the machine with a DC adapter or on four AA batteries. The machine is lightweight, easy to store, and use. You can also adjust the speed of the machine.

5.5. Pros:

  • Overlock function
  • Reversing function
  • Metal presser foot and hook plate
  • Speed regulation

5.6. Cons:

  • The machine does not come with an extension table or base.

Final Words:

Quality is what we look for while buying any product. After that, the price of the product is what marks crucial importance. Still, it seems challenging to pick the best sewing machine from a number of available choices.

To sort this out, we have handpicked the best sewing machines in India to buy in 2021. We have attempted to include all the features, pros, cons, and other details of the machine.

We hope the post will help you to make a buying decision. DIY pillow covers, handbags, curtains, lunch bags, and much more. Explore your world of imagination with the best sewing machine in India.

Hurry! Pick the best sewing machine for you; opportunities are waiting for you…!

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