Best 4 Contact Backup Apps For Mobile 2019- Free & Easy to use

Contact Backup Apps For Mobile 2019

How to backup contacts and other data like application, call logs, text messages etc. Here we suggest the best easy to use Contact Backup Apps for mobile 2019. By using this contact backup android application you can easily backup and restore your contacts on your external SD card.

Some of the below apps also gives you additional feature to backup your personal data on the cloud. Therefore, By using this great feature you never lose your data and its really easy way to restore your data on a new device or existing device after resting your smartphone.

Why we need contact backup apps for mobile?

If you are using an android smartphone then you must need some special android application in your mobile and contact backup app is the most important application to save your contact in your SD card or in your phone storage.

Whenever you are planning to format your smartphone or want to change your device that time contact backup app in mobile play a very important role to complete your task.

Below is the list of Contact Backup Apps For Mobile 2019

1.Super Backup & Restore By (Mobileidea Studio).

Contact backup 2019

  • Fastest backup and restore app.
  • You can backup directly to your SD card or Google Drive.
  • You can backup your call logs, phone contact, bookmarks, Messages (SMS) and calendars. Download
2.Smart Contacts Backup By (AppAspect Technologies).

phone contact app 2019

  • Easy contact backup as a Vcard.
  • Photo backup.
  • Send VCF to your email easily.
  • Support Offline backup.
  • Free and easy to use the app. Download
3. Contact Backup And Restore By (Little Play Studio).

contact backup android apps 2019

  • Auto backup without any user interaction.
  • Save your all contact on mail.
  • Support backup & restore easily on Andriod phones & IOS devices.
  • Support 14 different languages.
  • Your phone book is safe. Download
4. Contact Backup App By (TopOfStack Software).

mobile contact backup

  • Easy & free contact backup and restore.
  • Transfer your contact safe and quickly iPhone to Android and reverse.
  •  Save your data on mail, Dropbox, & SD card.
  • You can easily add all the contacts from the business card by QR scanning mode.
  • Also, support multiple languages. Download

All the above listed Best 4 Contact Backup Apps For Mobile 2019 available on Google Play Store you can download for free as per your choice and backup your contact easily & safely. You can also purchase the premium version of above as per your choice to get open extra feature and service.

This Best 4 Contact Backup Apps For Mobile 2019 I suggest based on some factor like my personal use, user review, ratings, and users downloads.

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