Google Kickstart 2021- International Level Coding Competition

Google Kickstart 2021 Are you seeking an opportunity to enhance your coding skills?

Well, Getshoutme is here to help you out with it. Any guesses? It is none other than Google Kickstart 2021, an international-level coding competition. As the name describes, the Google-hosted coding competition is a point where you can kickstart your technical career.

In this article, we will discuss various aspects starting from how to participate in Google Kickstart, how to register for the competition, to prizes, etc. First of all, let’s begin with a brief introduction.

Google Kickstart 2021 Introduction:

Google Kickstart is a platform that is open for programmers of all skill levels. Here coders get a chance to tune up and improve their programming skills. Google hosts this web-based coding competition, which engages developers across the globe. The program is mainly for the people having an interest in starting a technical career at an American multinational technology company, Google.

Kick Start google is a golden opportunity for the coders who dream of working with Google in the future. Yes, you got it right, you might get a chance to work with the search-engine giant company as top winners may get an invitation for an interview at Google.

If you find problem-solving fun, you have a chance to become a Googler. I hope you have got an outline regarding our today’s topic, i.e., Google Kickstart. Before diving deep, let’s see what KickStart is?

What is Google Kickstart?

Google Kickstart, a web-based coding competition, comprises different rounds. Each round is 180 minutes or three-hours. It includes a wide range of challenges, say algorithmic problems, for programmers. Including students and computer science graduates, Kick Start also permits the participation of coders from an extensive age group. In short, Google’s coding championship is available for all.

Google organizes these rounds on a regular basis all year long. As a result, Kickstart becomes easily available for coders across the globe. Notably, the competition has no bar of pre-qualification; so, you can try out one or many rounds at a time.

Note that engineers at Google develop these rounds. So by participating in the competition, you can catch a glimpse of technical expertise essential for starting a career at Google. The Google engineers design the contest in a way that assists them in picking up the great innovative minds.

Who can participate in Google Kickstart 2021?

An answer to this question focuses on many crucial aspects like age, registration process, the structure of the contest, challenges, etc. Continue reading to make sure about your participation in the KickStart contest of Google.

Age: While filing for the competition, the candidate must have a minimum age of 18 years. As mentioned in the previous section, Kickstart has no bar on how old you are, but the participant’s age must not be less than 18.

Registration Process & Dates: One has a chance to get in all the way through the Kickstart contest. But it is essential to register prior to being able to take part in a Kickstart round. The registration for Google KickStart 2021 will be started on 9th Feb 2021 at 16 UGC. The last date of registering your participation is 14th Nov. 2021 at 06:00 UGC.

Structure of the Competition: The Kickstart Competition comprises many rounds, which will be conducted online. As per Section 3.5 of the Kickstart Contest Terms, the completion may have one or a few practice sessions. The Google Kickstart Contest comprises eight rounds. Participants are free to go for any as well as all rounds of their choice.

We suggest going through the schedule to know more about the occurrence of the Google Kickstart Competition Rounds in 2021. Even more, to take part IN every round, the candidate has to log in to the website of the Kickstart competition and solve various challenges in the given time.

Google Kickstarted with global online coding competitions.

Kickstart Problems:

Problem Solving:

  • Participants are free to use any of the editors, including online editors or IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Note: While using online editors, make sure that your code is not revealed publicly.
  • The Kickstart platform offers a set of programming languages to the participants in order to solve the problems for the competition. 

Submitting Solutions of KickStart Challenges:

  • While submitting the solution to a given problem, candidates required to provide the source code of the solution via the Kickstart website.
  • During the submission process, you have to specify the programming language of your file.
  • Make sure that the solution is a single file having a size of less than 100KB.
  • Watch out before you start:
  •  Before going for a challenge, take a glance at the specifications given for it, like memory, time, or resources.

Uploading Solution: Be patient and careful while making submission as the system might deny accepting your solution if you make too many attempts. Also, the platform will show up a warning in the case of approaching the submission limit.

 Judging and Scoring Section

 The judgment process of a solution will include the following:

  • Visible Verdict Test Sets – Here, the result of judging will be available immediately after the submission.
  • The judgment of Test Sets – In this phase, your solution will be evaluated against every test set like a sample, then test set 1, 2, etc.
  •  For every problem, all solutions can gain points in the case of solved Visible Verdict Test Sets.
  •  The last submission made by the participant is considered as the final solution.
  •  The score is a total of the values of all passed Visible Test Sets and other test sets.
  • Primary submission is crucial for every problem. It is the submission having a higher sum of the values for the rightly solved Visible Test Sets. So your score for every round is the total of the points gained on primary submissions for a challenge.
  • You will invite a penalty attempt for every solution to a problem until you offer primary submission for that challenge. Well, if the primary submission does not exist for a problem, you will have no penalty attempts for the problem.
  • In case you gain a minimum of one point in a round, the penalty time for that round will be the same as the time you took to provide the latest solution measured from the beginning of the round, along with four minutes of every penalty attempt through all challenges throughout the round.

If all your submissions fail to gain points, the score for a problem becomes zero, and therefore will not attract penalty time.

  • Ranking of the competitors will be done starting from a higher score at the beginning and lower score at the end. Google has the right to cut ties whenever essential, relying on superior time accuracy than is listed on the dashboard.
  • Candidates who fail to gain a single point will not be eligible to have a rank.
  • You may face disqualification from the KickStart competition if Google sensibly believes that you have tried to spoil the legal operation of the competition as per the Terms. In case you see other candidates violating these terms, you can report it to

How to prepare for Google Kickstart 2021?

As explained in the above sections, you can go for practice rounds. Notably, sharing or using information while attempting practice rounds will not disqualify you from the Kickstart contest. You can go through the previous Kickstart problems by the Archive page. New participants of Kickstart can also check for tutorial videos over the website. Even more, the platform offers tips and procedures for problem-solving.

Does Google hire through Google Kickstart?

Yes, you heard it right. The KickStart competition arrives with an opportunity to build and improve the participant’s technical and programming potentials. So, if you practice hard and gain a top score in the Kickstart contest, there are fair chances of your selection at Google.

Google Kickstart 2021 Schedule and Rounds.

1. Next Round: 

Round A 2021 - Start (UTC): Mar 21 2021, 04:00 | End (UTC): Mar 21 2021, 07:00 | Duration: 3 Hrs
2. Upcoming Round: 

Round B 2021- Start (UTC)Apr 18 2021, 23:00 - Duration: 3 Hrs
Round C 2021- Start (UTC)May 23 2021, 11:00 - Duration: 3 Hrs
Round D 2021- Start (UTC)Jul 11 2021, 05:00 - Duration: 3 Hrs
Round E 2021- Start (UTC)Aug 22 2021, 03:30, 23:00 - Duration: 3 Hrs 
Round F 2021- Start (UTC)Aug Sep 18 2021, 17:00 - Duration: 3 Hrs 
Round G 2021- Start (UTC)Oct 16 2021, 12:00, 05:00 - Duration: 3 Hrs 
Round H 2021- Start (UTC)Nov 14 2021, 03:00 - Duration: 3 Hrs

How to register for Google Kickstart 2021?

It is very easy to register for the Google Kickstart Competition. You just have to click the given link –  Register here

Google Kickstart Prizes:

The winner of the Kickstart 2021 contest gets a reward worth $15,000, and runner-up contestants get smaller prizes.

Well, Google may contact some of the top contestants for an interview, and offer a role at Google.

Conclusion: This article covers almost all the essential information which you may need to know before participating in the Google Kickstart competition. If you love coding and have a passion for doing something different, Kickstart is what exactly you have to do. Participate in the Google Kickstart 2021 competition and explore the world of new possibilities. Fly high and thrive towards your goal.

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