Best JBL Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 in India

If you are a music lover and seeking a cool pair of earphones, this article for you. Here are some you might like to buy. So before going for one, take a glance at the list of top Bluetooth earphones from JBL.

In this era of smart devices, the use of earphones has become a need of time. These days, what’s trending is Bluetooth earphones. The collar-like device has attracted users from a wide age group. Mainly, Bluetooth earphones have replaced the messy wired headphones.

So, are you thinking of replacing the tangled wired headphones with Bluetooth earphones?

Are you seeking an opportunity to grab Bluetooth earphones?

If yes, you don’t need to search anymore. This time Getshoutme is here to present the list of top JBL Bluetooth headphones under rupees 2000 in India. In this article, we have listed the best JBL Bluetooth earphones after undergoing in-depth research and study. Here you will find the best products at the lowest price. Let’s begin the hunt with how to select the best earphones.

How to Choose Best Earphones?

When you are thinking of buying earphones, what first comes to your mind is the company or the brand. Let me guess; you might have seen some of your friends using a particular product. Secondly, at some point, you might have promised yourself that you will buy the XYZ brand earphones one day.

That’s where the brand comes; you already have an image of the product you want. All this is just about making it a reality and buying a product that matches your expectations. 

What makes an earphone best for use? Or what can one expect to have the best earphones?

  •  Compatibility
  •  Good battery back-up
  •  Convenient to use and carry
  •  Quality of the Volume
  •  Pocket friendly

Well, all these are some of the things you would wish to consider while selecting a suitable earphone. Currently, the market is full-of headphones and earphones. So it becomes quite confusing to choose one from the heap.

This article includes a list of the Best JBL Bluetooth earphones under Rs.2000 in 2021. The material will help you out to buy the best at an affordable price.

In this section, we have compiled different  JBL Bluetooth earphones along with their features, specifications, and other details.

Best 5 JBL Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 Rs in India 2021.

1. JBL Tune 115BT in-Ear Wireless Headphones With Deep Bass

Best JBL Bluetooth Earphones

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Product Highlights:

Deep Bass, up to 8-hour battery back-up, Quick Charging, Colour – Blue, Black, White, Teal, Coral, Grey

  1.1. Product Features:

  • Get powerful and deep Pure Bass Sound from JBL
  • Quick Charging – Charging for 15 minutes will offer 1 hour of charge
  • Includes Multi-point Connection enables Easy switch amid two Bluetooth devices
  • Comes with magnetic earbuds, thus provides a firm and secure hold around the neck
  • 3-button remote to ease operations like increase or decrease volume, pick-up or disconnect call
  • In-built Mic specially designed to offer an experience of hands-free calling
  • Compatible with Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant

 1.2. Pros:

  •  Lightweight (19 g)
  •  Good Sound Quality
  • Remains fully functional throughout the time, let it be a video or phone call or music.
  • Comes with three different pairs of earbud covers, i.e., small, medium, and large. Users can select one as per size.  

1.3. Cons: 

For the neck area, the headphones have just a wire. While doing household chores or some physical activity, it becomes quite challenging to manage the wire. It keeps on moving from one side to the other.

2. JBL T205BT Pure Bass Wireless Metal Earbud

JBL Bluetooth Earphones under 2000

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 Product Highlights:

Metal Earbud Headphones, Colour – Blue, Gold, Balck, Rose Gold

2.1. Product Features:

  • Experience the best with JBL powerful bass
  • 6-Hour long Battery back-up, let it be calls or music
  • Offers top-quality audio from any Bluetooth-enabled source
  • 3-button remote to eases controlling sound and call management
  • Contains two 12.5mm drivers to power JBL Pure Bass sound
  • A flat cable that won’t get tangled and turn into messy knots
  • Item Weight – 56 grams
  • The material used for earphones – metal, along with aluminum finish.

2.2. Pros:

  • Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled source like tablet, audio player, mobile or laptop.
  • Ergonomically shaped earbuds fit best in ears.
  • Good battery back-up
  • Superb sound quality with pure bass
  • Tangle-free wires

2.3. Cons:

  • Users require to hold a button for two seconds for changing a song, which may be irritating while running or doing some activity.
  • The volume button is located inside; it may require a few seconds to find and press it.
  • Somewhat heavier than JBL Tune 115-BT (19 grams).

3. JBL Endurance Run BT Sweat Proof Wireless in-Ear Sport JBL Bluetooth Earphones

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Product Highlights:

Sports headphones, sweatproof, color – Black, Red, Yellow

3.1. Product Details:     

  • Offers Wireless Bluetooth Streaming
  • Magnetic Earbuds
  • Hands-free Calling
  • 6-hour Battery Backup
  • Flipbook enables you to wear the headphones behind-the-ear or in-ear
  • 1 Year Warranty from JBL

3.2. Pros:

  • Top-quality sound with bass effect
  •  Good quality buds
  • Best audio detailing
  • Includes Voice Assistant
  • Cool design

3.3. Cons: 

  • Noise cancellation not available

4. JBL E25BT Signature Sound Wireless in-Ear Headphones 

JBL Bluetooth Earphones under 2000 india

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Product Highlights:

Signature Sound, Color – Red, Blue, White, Black with in-built mic

4.1. Product Features:

  • Experience Signature Sound of JBL
  • 3-Button remote panel including Microphone
  • Specially designed neck clip, which eases user to keep earphones in place                 
  • Offers playback time up to 8 hours under optimum audio settings
  • One year JBL Warranty
  • Easily switches amid devices

4.2. Pros:       

  • Offers volume control through 3-button remote panel
  •  Hands-free calling
  • Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices like laptop, Mobile, Audio Player, etc.
  • Get ear tips of various sizes
  • Carrying pouch makes storage easy and protective

4.3. Cons:

  • The neckband is available in standard length, so some people may find it short, which may be uncomfortable.
  • The neck clip present with the cable needs to be handled with care, or else it may break-off and make the product useless.

5. JBL Tune 110BT Pure Bass Wireless in-Ear Headphones 

JBL Bluetooth headphones

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Product Highlights:

Pure Bass, Built-in Mic, Color – Blue, White, Grey, Black

5.1. Product Features:

  • Experience Pure JBL Bass Sound
  • Offers battery life up to 6 hours
  • Quick recharge (2 hours)
  • Lightweight
  • Includes ear tips in 3 different sizes
  • One Year warranty from JBL

5.2. Pros:

  • Good quality sound with powerful bass effect
  • Flat cable makes it a tangle-free headphone
  • You can wear it comfortably for a long time as they are lightweight
  • Ergonomically designed neckband

5.3. Cons:

  • Noise cancellation not available
  • 2 hours for charging may be a big deal for people who start rushing at the 11th hour


Thus, we have compiled the best JBL Bluetooth Headphones. The article also sheds light on details of the Best JBL Bluetooth earphones 2021. Even more, the pros and cons section of every headphone relies on comprehensive research and user reviews. All the JBL products listed in the article are available for purchase, that too below Rs.2000.

In the end, is here to offer the best products for you. Surely, you will get those products at the best price from the most prominent e-commerce website.

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