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Kick Start Your Day with Nescafé É, the Next-Generation Coffee Maker

Having a cup of coffee in the morning makes it a perfect start. Being one of the most popular beverages across the globe, it is the best energy booster. It is easy to make a cup of coffee. However, some people might find it messy. Here comes the role of a coffee maker. Having a smart coffee making device is all that you need for a cup of coffee.

In this age of smart devices, a wide range of electric kettles and coffee making machines are available. Meanwhile, it is challenging to select the best coffee maker. Today, we are here to present one of the best coffee making machines in India.

It is none other than Nescafé É smart coffee maker. Before a deep dive, let’s have a glance at some crucial factors. Read ahead to know more about Nescafé’s É smart coffee maker and its information. 

Nescafé – The Brand

Nestlé is a parent company of Nescafé. Being one of the beloved coffee brands, Nescafé offers a variety of coffee. Nestlé launched its coffee product for the first time in Switzerland. Nescafé coffee has ruled the hearts of coffee lovers from around six generations.

The coffee brand is famous for its wide range of products, including Nescafé Gold Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Crema, and many more. Along with that, the coffee company has launched a new coffee maker, Nescafé É smart coffee maker. Now, let’s see what exactly is the coffee maker and its other details.

Nescafe e smart coffee maker 2021

Nescafé É smart coffee maker is a first-ever coffee maker enabled with an application. You can manage the handy smart device by using the Nescafe É connected mug application. The company has developed É with the perfection of making a variety of top quality coffee recipes all the time.

Let it be an icy cool cold coffee or a hot lathered cappuccino, É is who can make it for you. We can say it is a one-stop-shop, where you will get a variety of coffee you love. The app-enabled coffee maker offers a great coffee experience at the tips of your fingers.

Along with an elegant handy design, É provides wireless connectivity for the user. It is an endless means of coffee, let it be hot or cold, frosty or thick, black, or another one. The coffee maker mug has an insulated body and noiseless coffee preparation technique. 

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Product Highlights:

Following are some of the highlighted features of the Nescafe e Smart Coffee Maker:

  • Bluetooth Enabled Device: É comes with a Bluetooth docking station, which makes it a pair and use device.
  • Nescafé É Connected Mug App: The smart application enables the user to control the coffee maker through a smartphone. One can also chat with other É users and share coffee love with others using the app. 
  • Customized Temperature: The coffee maker has an adjustable temperature range from 20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius. So, you can select the temperature as per choice.
  • Ease of Use: You can enjoy coffee anywhere while traveling or maybe at our workplace, college, etc. 
  • Leak-Proof: É has an engineered design, which makes it resistant to spills and leaks. So you can carry the mug in the pocket or the side pouch of a bag. You can also place it in the cup holder in a car. 
  • Quicker: The coffee maker comprises incredible frothing and heating features. Thus, it takes a minute or two for É to make a good-tasting coffee. 
  • Good Quality Mug: The 210ml mug is thermally insulated, which helps in keeping the beverage cold or warm for a long time.
  • Compatibility: You can use Nescafé coffee products like Nescafé Classic, Nescafé Gold, or Nescafé Mixes to make a coffee of your choice. 
  • Measuring Spoon: É has its measuring spoon, which helps to make a perfect blend. 
  • Accessories: Nescafé coffee maker comes with a mug, spoon, docking station, safety leaflet, and a user manual.
  • The manufacturer offers a one year warranty of the product from the date of purchase. 
  • Dishwasher Safe: Apart from all the specialties mentioned above, É is easy to clean and a durable device.  

Watch Nescafe e Smart Coffee Maker Review Video

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So are you ready to get the perfect cup of coffee with É? Let’s see how to use the coffee maker. 

How to Start with Nescafe e Smart Coffee Maker?

Before starting, I would like to introduce two ways to make coffee with É. First of all; you can add the ingredients and start it manually using the button given.

Follow the steps given below to make your cup of coffee:

Step 1: Select the recipe for the coffee you wish to have.

Step 2: Add Coffee Powder

Step 3: Add Milk

Step 4: Start manually by pressing the button or enable the process through the app. 

Let it be frothing or heating, a hot or cold coffee, have a great tasting coffee experience with É.

Another way is you can make coffee by using the Nescafé É Connected Mug App. For trying this way, it is essential to pair the coffee device with your smartphone.

Following are some steps which will help you out while making coffee using the app:

Step 1: Pairing:

  • To start the pairing process, place the coffee making mug over the slot given on the dock station. 
  • Connect the device to the Power
  • Turn on the Bluetooth and location services of your phone. 
  • Open the Nescafé É Connected Mug App on your phone. 
  • Hit the “Start Pairing” button. 
  • Select your device and click START 
  • Press the button present on the docking system for around ten seconds 
  • Personalize your device: You can add a name to it. 

Step 2: Making Coffee With You Phone:

  • The coffee maker offers a wide variety of recipes to the user. You can select from hot/cold and black/creamy. 
  • After selecting the type, click on the “Next” button. 
  • In the next window, you will have to select one from a menu given. It includes coffees like Cortado, Latte, Mochaccino, Cappuccino, etc. 
  • Once you select the recipe, the app enables you to customize the beverage according to your taste.
  • Hit the “Next” button, and pour the given ingredients as per the quantity given in the window. For example, to make a Cappuccino coffee, the app may ask you to add one small spoon of Nescafé, half cup of milk, and a little water.
  • Before hitting the “Start Preparation” button on your mobile, make sure to open the pressure cap.

É does not take much time to make a coffee. Still, you can play a game until your coffee gets ready. The app has a button that recommends the user to play a game until your coffee is being prepared. You get a notification when the coffee is ready. And your favorite coffee is ready within two minutes! You can sip the beverage using the same mug or pour it in another cup. 

If you are a coffee lover, Nescafé É smart coffee maker is the one made for you. So don’t miss the chance to make your coffee in a smarter way with É. 

How to Clean the Nescafe e Smart Coffee Maker?

It is very easy to clean the É smart coffee maker. You can clean it in three different ways:

4.1. Quick rinse: Take out the whisk and rinse the mug under running water. You are ready to go to the next coffee.            

4.2. Clean using App: You can clean É coffee maker using the cleaning mode available in the app. You have to add a little water and some liquid detergent to it. After that, close the lid and place the mug on the docking station. Initiate the cleaning process by hitting the “Start Cleaning” button, and you are done with it. The LED on the device starts blinking after the completion of the cleaning process. You have to rinse the mug with water once the light stops flashing.

4.3. Deep cleaning: In this type of cleaning, you can de-assemble the mug as per instructions given in the user manual. Wash all the parts separately with water, and re-assemble them.




Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker with Travel Mug

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Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker +  Smooth Coffee Powder
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The discussion covers all the factors which will help you out to select a smart coffee maker in India. The article focuses on É, starting from its introduction to how to use and clean it. It also includes product highlights, which makes it the best Nescafe e smart coffee maker online in India. All in all, it is a smarter way to make coffee. 

On the other hand, having a coffee maker at your place is good in this pandemic situation. Nescafé É will cut out the need to step out of home when you have a craving for coffee. Make a café style coffee at home using Nescafé É Smart Coffee maker.

Now, Nescafe e smart coffee maker 2021 is available for purchase online in India. The price of É, Nescafé’s specially designed coffee maker in India, you can check on Amazon.  

Don’t miss the chance! Buy Nescafe e smart coffee maker today!


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